Things I want by 30

- Publish my first book [with my Mom!]
- See 40 countries [I'm at 36.. I should probably set a more aggressive goal.... see below] [Completed February 2013]
- Embark on an around-the-world trip [modified from the above]
- Launch a website (this one!)  [Started to love creating this little guy]
- Run multiple lines of business
- Join a board [Completed January 2013]
- Make a movie [This is a cheat and a freebie because Mulberry Child is already complete]
- Become a digital native [added 3.31.13]
- Start a MPH/MBA program [added 3.31.13]
- Become a travel writer [added 3.31.13]
- Fall in love
- Not lose the hunger to do things that scare me
- Never forget to stay humble, stay hungry

Originally published 2.5.13